Apr 29, 2010

I'm dead meat...

It's almost another weekend! Thank god for that as I've had a stupendously feverish week trying to get about 10 million bits and pieces done and split my time between my two bosses. It's actually harder than it seems when one line of business is easy and quick but volume driven and the other one is complicated and time consuming but in smaller quantities. You'd think they'd even out wouldn't you but it doesn't quite work that way!

Anyway, enough of my whining...I'm popping in to post an outfit and tell you about how dead I am right now.

Good news - I got my one of my holy grail DVF's at long last! I've wanted it ever since it was cut down on the Nordies website but missed out. I can't believe I missed the auction for my normal size a while ago but luckily another appeared on the bay in a size above my regular size and being a wrap dress I knew I could make it work!

May I present my DVF Julian mini in ruby spotted cat print! With my obligatory favourite pair of shoes, my nude clichys!

And to top it off, I'm dead meat...all the shoes I've been lusting over for FW10 have suddenly arrived. ALL AT ONCE!!! <insert fainting smiley here> My bank account won't recover until January 2011 at this rate!!! More of an update on which shoes I'm eyeing off too come...if I recover from the spy pics that is!

Hehehehe, and this part is just for fun. I somehow wandered onto a site that had personality quizzes. Not sure why I felt the need to post them as CSI Miami is not a favourite series but it's pretty close to reality!

On the other hand, Chuck is one on my all time favourite series but I'm a tad disappointed to be Anna. Don't get me wrong she's cool but she's not me I would have thought!

With that I will leave you to enjoy whatever you are doing right now and I'll chat to you later!

Apr 24, 2010

Back online!

I can't believe it's been over two weeks since I last did an entry! Time just seems to evaporate lately and it's going to get worse leading into June.

I recently decided to dip my toes into the wonderful world of MAC due to the influence of my friends and I have not regretted it at all! I will still remain loyal to my first love NARS though so I'm not a complete traitor. 

I also got a YSL lippy while I was at it. I've been searching for a deep purple, almost gothic shade for a while and Rouge Pur #149 Black Tulip fit the bill! Do you know how hard it is to find a nice dark purple right now?

How cute is the packaging on the eye shadow? The colour is called Birds & Berries from their Liberty of London collection.

I must confess that I have made some larger purchases recently that I deemed mission critical. As you know I've been trying to get fit again and something that has stopped me from achieving this was a good pair of sneakers. Introducing my new Asics Kayano 16 runners in purple/white! Aren't they fierce?

I really wanted some Nikes as they allow for the iPod/running function but maybe next time. Speaking of Nikes I really want to get a pair of customised Nikes from NikeID but they don't ship to Oz :(  I'm sure I'll find a way of getting them when the time comes.

Also, part of the reason I haven't been blogging is that my laptop had started to meltdown and it was just easier not to actually use it at all so I've been a bit isolated from the big wide world. M and I went to check out some computers get a feel for what was out in the market. I certainly didn't intend to come home with this!

Shall it be third time lucky with my Mac? I've been down this road before. Twice actually. Each time I've gone back to PC but I have a feeling this time will be a permanent switch. Especially since M has changed to Mac too and our house is pretty much a full Mac setup now. I'm loving it so far! YAY!!!

What else haven't I told you? Oh, I received my Fink dress and it's gorgeous! Got so many compliments when I wore it to work with my Christian Louboutin Alta Iowa's in black suede.

Look at the stitching detail on the side. Such a lovely garment from such talented ladies! Love you guys.

Here are some outfits from the last couple of weeks.

Monday 12th April: DVF Aggie in freedom trail with Christian Louboutin nude Clichys

Tuesday 13th April: Cue knit top, Portmans pants, Christian Louboutin City in tan

Thursday 15th April: Review skirt, cheap top, Christian Louboutin Alta Iowa's in black suede

Friday 23rd April: M Missoni silk dress, Christian Louboutin Alta Iowa's, leather cuff

Today was an awesome day weather wise so we took the car for a spin to Centennial Park for some exercise and some sun. Bailey had a ball but was slightly more interested in the park life than posing with me!

Chat to you next time!

Apr 6, 2010

Family Time

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

I had a fabulous one. It started with a picnic in the park with friends and ended with a visit from my parents. 

Saturday I spent with M as he was flying out to QLD on Sunday to visit his parents. We just hung out and relaxed. 

Sunday we woke up early, had breakfast together, he then he left for the airport and my parents arrived around lunchtime. That night I treated my parents to some tapas at El Bulli. I LOVE Spanish food!!! The best part is that El Bulli is just around the corner from home!

Monday we met some other family for some yum cha. I can't believe how much I ate for lunch! I ate so much I skipped dinner that night.

Not the best pic but you'll get the idea of what I was wearing. Mum and dad laughed at me for taking a picture of myself! They don't understand....

Outfit: Sasoo jean leggings, panda singlet, black zip jacket, Scooter flat scrunch boots, owl & key necklaces and tribal brass earrings.
Necklaces from lovespelljewels on Etsy.com

Apr 4, 2010

A Picnic in the Park

What's better than spending Easter Friday eating seafood, picnicing in the park and spending time with friends?

This Easter we decided to get a little group together and do something a bit different. Usually we have a party on the Friday or Saturday night of the long weekend.

First stop, Sydney Fish Markets. The smell of seafood was in the air and the markets were packed being Good Friday. When we finally snagged a bench in the sun we wandered off in groups to get some delicious seafood goodies to eat. M & I shared a half lobster mornay with chips and salad plus a couple of oysters - one mornay and one kilpatrick.

Here's me on the way out to meet everyone at the fish markets!

Outfit: Chica Booti dress/top, shell earrings, key and beaded necklaces, Morelle mini patchwork, Onitsuka Tiger shoes

Next stop, Sydney Botannical Gardens to spend the rest of the day lazing around in the sunshine. I had been to the gardens a few times but had never really explored them. The plants there are amazing and the wildlife is pretty cool too.

Look at the size of that eel!
What a beautiful make duck. At least I think it's male as I've heard the males have the beautiful colours to attract females.
What an interesting species....are they for real?
This is the biggest tree I've ever seen! It's definitely a couple of hundred years old!!!
This bamboo was AMAZING! It was so tall and the sound and it makes when the wind blows it around is awesome. There's this crackling/popping sound and a moaning that sounds ancient and powerful.
Frisbee action shot
Hanging out on the wall
After we'd been kicked out of the gardens we sat in the Domain watching the bats fly into the city. This was a sunset shot of the said city with it's neon lights.