May 24, 2010

Just another manic Monday

Another week has started!

I have to admit I did only work the first two days of last week so I can't complain too much. But I was actually pretty busy those days as I did have to pop into work for a couple of hours on Wednesday even though I was on annual leave! On the bright side two or the three parcels I was expecting arrived before I left so I got to take them home! I'm a bit peeved that the third one isn't here yet...grrr.

Say hello to my Balenciaga coin purse from SS10 in cyclade!

And my black Pauric Sweeney Overnight Sport!

Thursday I raced into town to help one of my friends get some shoes from a local department store.

Friday was wedding #3 for the year. It was raining in the morning but it fined up just in time for the ceremony!

I was a little concerned about the park's safety though...
Is it just me or should guard dogs and children not be in the same area?

How pretty is the cute little gazebo type area for the wedding? The groom is South American and we were pre-warned that South American weddings are slightly different....I wasn't quite sure what that meant.

Here I am caught having a chuckle as everyone was staring at me while I was trying to be pose for the blog. Outfit: DVF Tessa Chinese Trellis print & Christian Louboutin Alta Iowas. My dress was one of the packages I received which is lucky as I was hoping to wear it to the wedding.

This would have been a great photo if M hadn't pulled a face....!

With the girls!

So this is how the South Americans roll huh? Festivale is such a colourful affair. There were plastic fruit maracas, these twirly noise clackers, whistles, horns, headbands, hats, masks and leis! If nothing I've learned that South Americans take their partying seriously.

Saturday was recovery and then onto to dinner at a friend's house where she cooked up a Mexican fiesta! OMG, her food was so delicious!!! We had this hot, creamy salsa dip with corn chips as entree then the mains were chicken enchiladas and beef & chorizo tacos. I died from food bloat and pure taste sensation heaven. Words cannot describe but it was good.

Sunday was a lazy day and I finally caught up with Grey's Anatomy and can I just say - W O W ! ! ! I cannot believe how it ended and I can't wait to see season 7...finished the night with the Godfather. Can you believe I've never seen the movie? I need to watch parts 2 and 3 soon.

And this brings me back to today, Monday. Today was great because due to my friend C, I was able to score 2 tickets to a FREE ADVANCED SCREENING of Prince of Persia!! It was great adventure movie and I loved every minute of it. It opens on the 27th and I think it's a must for all game enthusiasts and adventure/action lovers.

And now I'm off to bed to recharge my batteries for tomorrow which will be considerably less enjoyable than today!

May 16, 2010

A new week begins

I apologise for not updating you in a while but I've been a bit sick. Ate something that didn't quite agree with me and then while I was down a stomach bug got me! Doh! Not a great week to spend a busy week.

I did manage to get out to collect a few things during the day and then to a hen's night dinner on Saturday.

15th May day outfit - jeans, panda singlet, Cotton On wrap & Penny Girl flats

15th May night outfit - jean leggings, black top, Scooter boots and a whole load of makeup to disguise my pale face!

The dinner was at a place I've never been to before called the Gazebo Wine Bar in Elizabeth Bay. It was a cute little restaurant that was an outdoor area with trellises sheltering the dining area. It really was a garden dinner. We had a set menu of $45 and this included starter plates, a choice of main and desert.

Starters were salt & pepper squid, stuffed mushrooms and ciabatta bread with olives, pesto, prosciutto & cheese. 

Mains were a choice between:
Medallions of beef, roasted field mushrooms, fondant potato, bĂ©arnaise 
Tartlet of warm leek, goats milk cheese & twice cooked cherry tomatoes 
Ocean trout, sweet garlic mash, chunky tomato & lemon dressing

Desert was chocolate brownie, ice cream, fairy floss, chocky sauce.

I have to say I was really pleasantly surprised with the menu and I did manage to eat my way through it but paid for it.

Here are some random breakfast shots. I was drooling over these creations but was unable to eat them so M got to reap my cooking rewards. Well, I did have a bite or two but my tummy was way too tender to eat a full one.

8th May - bacon, egg, hash brown & cheese wrap with tomato sauce

16th May - bacon, egg, garlic mushroom, cherry tomato & spring onion wrap. 

This is now known as M's hangover cure since he was severely hung over this morning and asked if I could make him a breakfast wrap!

Oh, and a little something I won on the bay for under $100!!! What a bargain, right? And a great get well present to myself. Another one of my holy grail Diane Von Furstenberg dresses.

DVF Tessa in Chinese Trellis pattern.

I also have another couple of items on their way to me and will post them when they get here. 

Oh and in case you were wondering what was happening with my fall shoe wishlist, it's completely crazy! The shoes coming out this season are doing my head in already and they've only got the pre-fall colours/styles in so far. I'm going nuts over the purple patent, cerise (cherry red) patent, flannel booties, satin bow embellished pumps, sky high heels...way too many styles for my poor abused wallet to handle! I'll update you when I have a better idea of what I want, not sure when that will be though!

May 14, 2010

Surprised Kitty!

This was way too cute not to post!!! It makes me want a cat again *sigh*

May 4, 2010

Lazy days

You know those weekends when you basically do nothing at all but it's so enjoyable and very relaxed you want to keep doing nothing for a very long time? Well I had one of those last weekend.

Saturday was a late-ish wakeup, indulgent brekky and nothing but catching up on some sunshine and all my recorded shows. I know that to some of you that would be very very boring but after being flat out all week it was pure bliss for me.

Sunday we met some friends for yum cha at Zilver. Nom nom nom!!! I rarely use that term but yum cha at Zilver is worthy of that Cookie Monster phrase. No photos as I was way too busy devouring everything in sight!! We had prawn gow gee, shumai (dim sims), prawn rice noodles, seafood dumplings, chicken spring rolls, combination dumplings, greens, salt & pepper squid, char siu (BBQ pork), char siu bao (BBQ pork buns), duck pancakes, egg tarts & mango pancakes.

Bailey was so sad when we left even though we gave him a bone to chew. He was uber cute staring through the window at us with his bone chew in his mouth though so I had to take a picture!!!

Oh, that's right, I managed to get a picture of the deserts!

After brunch we decided not to waste the wonderful weather and went for a drive down south. There's nothing like the wind blowing in hair and the sun beaming down on you. Even Bails got into it by hanging his head out and howling!

All the drive photos were taken on my phone's camera since I forgot my camera at home! The pics turned out ok considering it's wussy pedigree!