Mar 31, 2010

A wedding by the beach..

Dear Diary,

I'm back! A little sunburned but happy and somewhat relaxed after my 4 day mini break. Of course then I went to work on Monday and that relaxed feeling evaporated didn't it? At least it's Easter this weekend so 2 x 4 day weekends ahead!!!

Thursday was a lazy day, packing, cleaning, watching tv and bumming around. Did all the things you do when preparing to go away. Then the excitement began!!! Our friends M & S picked us up and we headed up the coast, stopping at maccas for dinner and then off to do some grocery shopping for basics. That was also the start of the weight gain clearly!

We woke up to a glorious Friday morning and proceeded to woof down this heart stopping breakfast! How good does it look?

What a great way to start the Friday? Yummy bacon, egg, hash brown, mushroom and tomato wraps cooked BBQ style.

After breakfast we all did our own thing so M & I headed over to the best coffee in town - the Kahveh Cafe. I don't usually drink coffee being the tea person I am but M's mocha looked so good I decided that I just had to have one the next morning when we went for coffee to clear our hungover heads. 

The day was so lovely we took a walk down to the beach and stood there letting the waves lap over our feet. It's been a while since I've done that and it was pure heaven. You know that feeling you get when you're fully clothed and you're chasing the waves but then a really big one comes along and almost wipes out the spot you're standing on? And you have to run away from it but you get disappointed that you didn't get your feet wet? I love that game!

Oufit: floral dress, diamante bracelet, sparkly hoop earrings and Christian Louboutin Nude Clichys

Anyhoo, onto the wedding. It was beautiful! The bride looked stunning in her dress and the groom quite dapper in his suit and as per any wedding there were loads of pictures!!! The reception was at a really posh restaurant called The Cowrie. It's a bit of a big deal on the central coast. It deserves it's reputation as the food was orgasmic!!!

This is what I had for dinner and as usual didn't take any pics....
Entree: Crispy roulade of pork belly with apple and pepper chutney, honey and mustard salad and calvados jus
Main: Pan roasted blue eyed cod fillet on a clam veloute with vongoli, chat potato, bacon and mleted leeks
Dessert: Passionfruit creme brulee with teardrop shortbread

The next day there were some pretty rusty heads. Not mine as I'm not a huge drinker.

Mike with his mocha on Saturday morning proving how good it is. It was pretty good!

S had told us so much about the famed Wambie whopper so we starved ourselves so we could fit one it for lunch/hangover cure. I have to say I was defeated by the whopper. But then again I wasn't really that hungry to be honest. It was probably 15-20% bigger than a normal burger and with the lot it was stacked and pretty darn delicious!

I think the aim after lunch was to get down to the beach for a swim but we got engrossed in Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit & Uno.

Random activites for the day!

Sunday was a busy day as we had to check out and drive back to Sydney. We also had M's grandfather's 80th at Clovelly Bowling Club to attend. What an awesome day it was, the weather was beaming, the bowling was keen and the company was fabulous as usual.

It already seems like last year I was away! I'm back at work and we've just had a busy end of month/quarter so haven't had time to update you yet.

I hope you didn't get too lonely while I was away. Well that's it from me!

Night!! xo

Mar 26, 2010

Off and away!

Dear Diary,

I know you think I don't love you but I think you've got it all wrong. I have been pretty busy with work given that a colleague has been away getting married so I've picked up the slack, my new promotion (although it's not the promotion I've been hoping for) which means I've been working longer hours, getting sick, going to engagement parties, eating and sleeping. I've also been trying to get healthy by going for walks/runs and working out. That has stopped though for the time being as I need new sneakers :(

I have restricted myself from shopping but not for the essentials such as work clothes (I need an overhaul of my wardrobe) and a couple of new bags as my old workhorse is past it's prime. Other than that I am being pretty good. I did sell a pair of shoes so I can legally and morally buy another pair to replace them. Yeah I know, legal doesn't have anything to do with it but a verbal promise can bee seen as a legally binding contract in some lights...especially if it concerns M not smoking!

Since I forgot to tell you afterwards, just a recap of what happened last weekend. We went to a friend's engagement party on the 20th and had a blast! I forgot to take a pictures before hand of the outfit but I figured this would double as an action shot and outfit shot. I'm on the train on the way home so take into account it is at the end of the night and don't judge me too harshly!

White 3/4 pants with purple singlet, Supre bolero, RAOK gift necklace and nude Clichys

Also, I've got a couple of new items (and some old ones I haven't posted but might get to at some stage) that I wanted to show you. I'm very excited about them!

Diane Von Furstenberg Aggie in Freedom Trail print - something I've been lusting after for a while

Lilac Mini Patchwork messenger bag by Morelle - she hand crafts all her bags with the finest Italian leathers and colours with vegetable dyes! Smells deliciously leathery!!!

I hope you'll be ok with the fact that this weekend I'll be away on a mini break and won't be able to write to you. I have a friend getting married so we're making a weekend of it. What more could you want, sunshine, the beach, and cocktails?

See? I'm all packed and ready to go! I hear my name being called so I better get going. I'll update you on all the goss when I get back.

lilmissb xo

Mar 9, 2010

Weekends are for partying!

Hola amigos!

What have you been up to lately? I've been up to the same old same old myself. Nothing too exciting unfortunately :(

I did manage to sneak an engagement party into the weekend though so all was not lost. I had to wimp out of Saturday morning dance class though as I am flat broke till pay day this Friday. Well not flat broke, just broke enought not to splurge on extras like dance class. On the positive side I have been using the gym downstairs and going for a walk/run with M most days so I am getting my fit on. Hmm, maybe that's part of the reason I don't update my blog as much as I used to. Plus the fact I am working back later at work these days.

Anyway I'm getting a bit off topic! A good friend of mine finally got engaged about 6 months ago and she decided it was about time to have a party. M & I headed out to the The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst on Saturday night to celebrate this occassion. I can't believe I forgot to take pics of the food! I made sure I have some of the place though.

The hors d'oeuvres consisted of:
Caramelised Balsamic & Red Onion Tart With Goats Cheese
Zucchini & Haloumi Fritters
Salmon Cakes with Herb Mayonnaise
Blue Swimmer Crab Cakes with Coriander Salsa
Grilled Prawns with Saffron aioli
Grilled Lemon Chicken Kebabs with Gremalata & Paprika
Baby Lamb Cutlets, Cypriot-style
Dark Chocolate Cups with Chocolate Mousse & fresh raspberries
Mini Lemon Tarts

Here are the pics!

Doesn't it have a great Indiana Jones jungle vibe to it? I totally picture it as a bar in the 20's, a hip hangout joint for adventure seekers.

Outfit - Supre dress, Sportgirl handbag, sparkly hoop earrings I blogged about here, crystal bracelet and Christian Louboutin Lady Claudes in Blue Acid Wash Python.

A great night was had by all and the next day we decided to leave the house in search of some fast food to combat the Sunday blues. Sorry, again no photos but we did get just about the most delicious pide and kebabs on this planet! Yum!!!

We took Bailey with us and he waited eagerly under out chairs for any scrap of food we dropped. He did get a fair few hot chips! How can you resist that face??

As we sat there enjoying our late lunch there seemed to be quite a ruckus going on as a soccer game was on at Moore Park. There were some mad fans all war painted and chanting anthems at the top of their voices. I missed out getting a photo of the freakshow marching but I did manage to get a picture of a car following them...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I did laugh at that. I had no idea they had specially marked cars or even a dedicated squad for riots.

I also thought I'd chuck in this photo as I took it whilst testing I had enough battery in the camera. I thought it was quite artsy!

On that night I will say good night! Chat to you soon.