Sep 28, 2010

Taking a break

Dear Diary,

Sorry to disappoint you but I fear I will have to take a break from blogging right now. There is a bit too much going on right now what with my dad going into surgery today, me going to Melbourne and New York for work for three weeks which means I have to work extra hard to get all those things done that fall due when I'm away, and trying to pack, find a new place and move by mid November.

I might set up a sister site that photo blogs my adventures so that way you all know I'm still alive but I'll keep you updated should that actually happen. Or I get time to set it up.

I hope you will still be here to listen to me when I return but I apologise in advance if I can't update you on my adventures for a month or so.


Sep 19, 2010

Dita Report

Happy Sunday Dear Diary!

I know you waiting with baited breath for a report yesterday but truth be told I was a bit occupied yesterday doing a few odds and ends so apologies my friend.

As you know, I won tickets to go see Dita Von Teese perform her Cointreauversial act on Friday night. The routine is a more spectacular version of her famous martini glass act which I've only heard about and seen pictures of. I was super excited to see it performed in real life!

The event started at 8pm so I met up with my plus one and had a few sparkling wines beforehand with some work mates and then off we tottled to line up for THE event of the century.

Outfit: Cue dress with Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly Pump 120mm in peacock satin

 The invite said the doors opened at 8pm for 8:30pm so we dutifully got into line to wait. Many different people were there to see her, grannies, Dita wannabes and men dressed in flannel (WTF? Really?!). This one woman looked AMAZING! She had red hair with a purple fascinator, leather waist corset, laced leather full length arm things (not sure what they're called), black shorts and knee high leather boots. I'm not really into fetish dressing, but man, if there was ever a reason to wear a corset, her teeny weeny waist would be it! I need one STAT!!

Anyhoo, I digress...we were patiently waiting in line and my beautiful heels were KILLING me because I was standing in one spot. Unfortunately this was also the maiden voyage for my Madame Butterflies and the sole is shaped like a rocking chair. This mixed with the fact that I'd already had a couple of glasses of bubbly was not brilliant, I kept almost falling over and making my friend laugh!

They finally started checking ID's at 8:40pm and letting us in. As soon as we got into the main bar area I snagged the first available stool to sit on as my poor feet were aching like nothing else. Luckily we'd already had dinner as the canapes were not filling. They were quite tasty though.

The hostesses were dressed in the 50's style dark blue dresses serving some delicious cocktails as we walked in and I was introduced to the Cointreau Blush which was quite a refreshing drink. I didn't actually know what was in it and when I read the ingredients I thought it would have been a lot more sour than it was.

After about 10-15 minutes mingling we were hearded through to another bar for the actual performance. We also got another cocktail along the way which I think is the newer one.

It was actually quite sweet and I probably couldn't drink more than one of them in an hour. And I have a sweet tooth.

The stage was set with the giant martini glass and my excitement level started going through the roof as I realised that the show would start any minute! Not to mention the fact that I was in the 3rd row and there were probably 100 people there in total, a lot of them standing at the back. I think this is when I started bouncing up and down in my seat like an excited school kid!

The MC came out and did his small spiel and then we were off! Dita came out on stage sparkling and smiling and the crowd went nuts. There were screamed declarations of love, catcalls and wild applause. Dita is stunningly beautiful in real life and you can tell she really loves and enjoys what she does. She just glows! She's so elegant in her movements (a tribute to all the pilates and ballet she does) and everything is done with utter femininity. And she has the smallest waist ever! I think she has said in interviews that she's wearing about 300,000 crystals in her outfit so it must be pretty heavy. Her whole costume was orange and white to reflect the colours of Cointreau and apparently the last thing they do before she goes out onstage is wipe her down with Windex so the crystals sparkle!!!

Sorry for the lack of pictures but we weren't allowed to take photos and as much as I wanted to take pictures, I respected her wishes enough not to. I don't think pictures could ever compare with the memories anyway.
I did however find some pics on the net.

This is the exact martini glass she used complete with the sponge and jewellery. Isn't she stunning?

Also, some great pictures from Dita's Cointreaversial act can be found on this photographer's blog.

I can honestly say that it was a great honour to witness Dita's first public performance in Sydney and I look forward to catching her act again somewhere in the world!

On that note, I'll speak to you later!


Sep 15, 2010

It's going to be Cointreauversial!!!


I'm so sorry, did you understand a word of my excited babble just then?

Just in case you didn't: this is where I'll be on Friday night!


Sep 7, 2010

Weekly Catchup

Well nothing really that new to report here. Just thought I should pop my head in to prove I still love you! 

Most of my time is being consumed with research and budgeting for my trip to Melbourne/NYC and also trying to find a place to move into once I get back. Talk about a few things to do!!! Oh, plus I'm avoiding all forms of socialising since I'm on a spending lock down for my trip.

I have been a bit naughty though. I did make some purchases last Friday that I had to have before the disappeared. This shop I like has a million and one things arriving every second but they always sell out within days if not hours. I have to buy it when I see it otherwise they won't have it tomorrow. Especially in my size!

Aren't they adorable? They're military inspired and I'm just a sucker for anything in this style. I've always wanted harem pants too! Sorry the colours are a bit off, hate night time photography with weird lighting. Never looks right. Well at least I haven't quite learned how to make it right in any case.

I also found some shoes that were perfect for work. I've been basic, closed toed black pumpless for a while now and whilst it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, I have to really think about which shoes I want to wear in the morning because I'm missing my go to black pumps since they fell apart. These are the PERFECT solution and whilst not being from the house of my favourite designer, (guess who?) they are Italian and have a leather upper, innersole and lining. The best part? I was prepared to pay a great deal of money on my fave designer's shoes in plain black but I got these for a bare $100 AUD on sale!! SCORE! I know I shouldn't be spending the money but come on, how could I refuse such a good deal fr something that I'll wear every second day if not almost every day?

Here's some of the food I've been having in the last week....

Lamb and barley soup with sourdough

Thick home made (by me of course! :P ) pumpkin soup with sourdough

Salmon with frozen veges - my lazy, I-don't-want-to-cook dinner

I've decided for my own good I need to start eating regular and healthy meals again. It's been so-so for the last few months and I think that's why I feel fat. Duh! I started with a ham and cheese roll yesterday and it was soooo good!

See that beautiful freshly made roll? It's absolutely delicious and whilst I don't normally like sandwiches for lunch because they remind me of school, I really loved this roll. It had a great flavour and a bit of crunch!

Today: banana & honey yoghurt with oats, handful of natural chicken flavoured rice & corn crackers, small banana, 2 small macadamia & white chocolate cookies (had to sneak in a sweet treat!) and salmon & veges for dinner.

Hopefully I can keep that good eating rolling! Stay tuned to see whether I succeed or fail miserably.

Okie dokie, gotta get back to my researching. Catch y'all later! xo