Aug 8, 2010

Our First Open House

Dear Diary,

I am so angry at tradesmen right now! You know how we had carpet laid on Monday? Well turns out that they left a hole in the wall at the top of the staircase.

Shocking huh? And before you say I should have seen it I didn't have my glasses on and I thought it was just a ding that I could putty up and fix. Well I jumped up and down since they also broke a trolley we had under the bed by crushing it to death. I was more concerned with the wall as we are trying to sell the place!

Anyway, I spoke to some douchebag "problem-fixer" at Carpet Court who just tried to weasel his way out of the damage claim and said "oh well, we can't take any responsibility for any property damage we may cause". I don't think so buddy!! You cannot legally contract out of negligence in this country. I don't even know if you can do it anywhere in the world.

I finally got some resolution and the carpet layers were going to come out either Thursday or Friday first thing in the morning to "help" me fix the problem but they would text me confirmation even though they said it would more than likely be Friday morning. I hadn't heard from them by 7am on the Thursday and figured they weren't coming so off I go to work. I get a call at 7:53am from the carpet layer saying he's outside my place!!! WTF? So there went my Thursday least the wall looked a lot more presentable when all was said and done!

Much better now isn't it? Barely noticeable. And I discovered a great product, liquid gyprock!!! It's fantabulous stuff.

I've had a pretty bad eating week so far, chicken fried rice and fried potatoes to name a few dishes in the last week or so!

Today was our first open house inspection and I was blown away by how many people wanted to see our place. We had 11 groups through and 2 of them have already requested contracts. I did also feel quite violated by the open house as people were not respectful of personal space and opened cupboards up left right and centre checking everything out. Of course my cupboards were stuffed to the gills with everything I didn't want them to see, weren't they? The thought of having a quick sale makes me happy and very, very sad at the same time. To think I may only have 6 more weeks in paradise.

I was a little naughty tonight and got some takeaway from my fave Japanese place Edoya Sushi Bar in Devonshire St. Tempura udon and age-teriyaki tofu! I shouldn't really be spending money but I was a little depressed over our place possibly selling really quickly and having a fight with M that I just had to have some comfort food.

Oh and I took this picture last week as well. Shot on my baby Nikon on colour setting Vivid+1. This is why I don't want to move out *sigh*.

Well that sorta wraps the last week up for me. Might head off to bed now. 

Catch ya later alligator!!!



shockboogie said...

I'm sorry you had to go through all that;( Where and why are you moving? Sorry I haven't been in touch for awhile. Life has been so busy but good.

Miss you Tracy!

lilmissb said...

Hey Rox, sorry for the slow answer!

Glad to hear you've been well and I can't wait to meet you in October :)

Not sure where we're moving to yet. Somewhere close I hope. We've got until the 13th Nov to get something so no rush.