Aug 29, 2010

Going, Going, GONE!

Dear Diary,

Well, it's been an age since I last spoke to you hasn't it? So much has happened in 20 short and furious days!

Ok, so where do I start? The last thing I told you about was the first open house wasn't it? Well our place was so popular that a couple had exchanged contracts by Tuesday and we sailed through the cooling off period no worries. I was a bit peeved at the real estate agent for showing more people through the following Saturday when it was already under contract. From a buyers point of view it's quite annoying when you go to see a place only to find out it's not available!!!

Anyhoo, so the place is sold and we have to be out by the 13th November. That still leaves us 2 and a half months to find something else which is plenty of time. We're still undecided about whether or not we'll buy or rent. Oh the joys of the fickle property market!

What else has gone down? Oh yeah! I got told that I'm going to the US for work in October!!!! I am over the moon about that but I'm also pretty scared because I'm not sure how much money I'll saved by then as it's such late notice. I just hope I save enough for a week after home office training! You can't go to the US without shopping!!

You know how I've been itching to take my Nikon D5000 out for a whirl? Well A and I met up and walked through the Botanic Gardens to hone our photography skills and I must say that whilst I took some horrendous pictures I did end up with a few I really liked.

The picture with the tree trunk was completely natural, no photoshop involved. I think it's so cool! Oh and that egg thing surrounded by plants? Believe it or not it's made of metal! Another cool thing I found in the gardens. Such a fun day that we have to do again. Somewhere else though.

After our hour or two of wandering around the park we decided to call it quits because we felt some rain starting to come one. We quickly legged it over to the Ship Inn for some gourmet pizza and cocktails. We got there just in time as it started raining heavily with strong winds about 2 minutes after we got there! Sorry, no pics of the food, just a description as I felt a bit self conscious pulling out my dslr in a crowded pub!! I had a kir royale cocktail and a cripsy duck pizza.

Oh, um...those Valentinos I said I wanted? They were sold twice on the bay but for some reason the transactions never went through and I was fortunate enough to finally snag them.

Aren't they super cute? They are going to get some much wear over summer and I think they're work appropriate when I don't have any meetings scheduled of course.

I finally pulled the trigger and bought a T-Bags dress that I've been drooling over from this ebay seller wendell_62vae
 Photo belongs to wendell_62vae

And to finish off my post I'm going to show you some food porn! I don't know about you but I ADORE Mars Bars and rice bubbles so combining them in Mars Bar Slice is absolute heaven for me. I try not to make it too often otherwise I would be the size of the Michelin man by now since I eat a batch in a couple of days flat!!

Look at all that caramelly, cripsy, gooey goodness *faint* And it's about the simplest recipe you can find.

Ingredients: 6 Mars Bars, 50g unsalted butter, 3 cups of Rice Bubbles

Dice Mars Bars and butter and melt in mixing bowl over boiling water. Once melted combine Rice Bubbles and pour into slice tray. Set in fridge.

How easy is that?! That particular one above will fill most of a slice tray. You can add less or more Rice Bubbles depending on your preference.

Now that I've made y'all hungry I think it's time to say goodnight!


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